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This Month's Featured Items

Every month we pick a new featured item that we think is particularly good. This month's featured item is our Fabulous Salt Tasting Kit.

DECEMBER 2012 - The Seafire Salt Company's Salt Tasting Collection - ALL NEW for This Season!

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Buy One:


OR, Buy 3 or More and SAVE

The Seafire Salt Company Salt Tasting Collection is
absolutely one of a kind!

Free Shipping (when you buy three or more)!

Our unique kit contains six different exciting gourmet salts, each in its own tin. There are instructions on how to use the salts to Host a Salt Tasting, or you may prefer to just enjoy them when you cook or on your food. The Tasting Collection arrives complete in a handy carrying-case-style box, which easily doubles as a gift box for a simple, sophisticated presentation any time of the year. Plus, we've added a dozen new salts to the tasting mix, so even if you've ordered before, you'll get a different mix this year.

Salt Tasting is hot, new, DIFFERENT experience that EVERYONE can enjoy.
Experience a world of flavors from the comfort of your own home.
Or just use the wonderful flavors in each Collection to add to your spice cabinet!

This Salt Tasting Collection makes a great gift for everyone on your list from coworkers to family, and the friends and neighbors in between. Finally, a gift that fits every shape, style and taste! If they cook OR if they eat, they'll love this incredible collection of healthy, natural salt. And don't forget to treat yourself to one! Everyone deserves a little inexpensive luxury in their lives.

Order before midnight December 19th, 2012 for guaranteed arrival by Christmas.**

We don't want to spoil the surprise of exactly which salts are in YOUR Collection, but rest assured that every Collection is carefully hand-crafted. We make sure that each of our Collections presents a well-rounded taste experience. All of our Salt Tasting Collections include six different salts from our full line, with special attention paid to include at least one each: Exotic salt, highly scented salt, pink and/or red salt, black salt, French salt and special Mediterranean salt. No matter which mix you get, you'll be sure to be pleased because there's always something new to try.

Just $14.99 + S/H.
SPECIAL OFFER: Order 3 or more and shipping is FREE*
*Free shipping applies to USA delivery addresses via ground (standard) shipping only.

**Guarantee relies on the U.S. Postal Services 3-day delivery of Priority Mail items. Refund limited to cost of shipping only.

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