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Salt is Salt - Right?
Wrong! Find out why here at SeafireSalt.com

The Seafire Salt Company is proud to welcome you to its home on the web! We are all about good salt, and we're doing everything we can to stamp out "table salt." Why? Because once you tasted REAL salt - sea salt, river salt or spring salt - you'll never go back to that mechanical tasting stuff that's been on our tables forever. It's sounds odd - we know - but we promise you, all salts are NOT created equal. We've even put together a Salt Tasting Collection so you can discover the truth for yourself.

If you've always wanted to be the first to share something great with your friends, try hosting a Salt Tasting! Everyone's done wine tastings, but how many people have been to a Salt Tasting? We've got a page of information on how to do it, and we even designed a special Salt Tasting Collection so you don't even have to decide which salts to try!

This Just In: Himalayan Pink Salt Blocks, Slabs, Plates & Platters!
Himalayan Salt Blocks, Bricks, Plates and Platters

Himalayan Pink Salt Bloks and Slabs are great for COOKING. Much like cedar planks, they can be heated in the oven, on top of the stove, or even on a barbeque grill. The delicate flavors in the salt will transfer to your food during cooking, taking any food to another level. [Detailed instructions are included, including cleaning instructions - yes, they can be washed!]

When it comes to SERVING, nothing tops the presentation of food on a Himalayan Pink Salt Platter or Plate! Chilling the Plate in the refrigerator will help keep delicate foods cold; they can even be frozen for desserts like ice cream. Subtle salt flavors will be added to your foods, and it will certainly wow your guests.

What IS Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt? This salt, more than 200 million years in the making, is harvested from ancient sea salt desposits in the Himalayan Mountain Range. During the Jurassic Era, ancient sea beds were covered by volcanic lava, protecting this salt from pollution and creating possibly the purest salt found on Earth. Additionally, Himalayan Pink Mountain Salt contains 84 trace minerals, that have long been believed by many to aid in detoxification and overall health. It is beautiful, pure and 100% natural, completely unkprocessed and free of any additives.

Give this new cooking and serving method a try today - you'll be glad you did.

Due to the many different shapes and sizes available, we believe we will be best able to serve you on the phone or via email. Please contact us with your needs and pricing.


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