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How to Have a Salt Tasting

Salt Tasting Parties are the next big thing in gourmet experiences. Host one for your friends and you can truly say you're a trendsetter!


Salt Tastings are a fun and easy way to share your love of the gourmet with your family and friends. All you need are the exciting salts in this box, a few simple foods and friends to sample with. Salt Tastings are informal and affordable, and you can be the first to introduce new flavors to those you know, and maybe even discover a new favorite salt of your own.

First, select 5-6 different salts. Salts should be varied in texture, color and region. You might choose a pink, a black, a white, a fine ground, a flaky crystal, etc. It's especially fun to include at least one highly-scented salt, such as a smoked one or the wonderful Indian Kala Namak. (Since buying fine salts can be expensive, we have created our own Salt Tasting Collection to make having a salt tasting super easy and inexpensive! It contains six different tins in a charming box.) Also, be sure to inclulde ordinary table salt. Just don't be surprised if you never use it again after this taste-opening experience!

Invite 4-10 people for an afternoon or evening of conversation and discovery. Put out a tray of assorted salt-friendly foods. Suggestions include: carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, watermelon, bell peppers, even mildly flavored cheeses like Mozzarella. Anything you enjoy salt on will work wonderfully. Try to use 3-4 foods.

Set the food and the salts around the table and start passing everything around. Make sure that everyone gets a chance to sample every food with every salt for the most pleasurable results. Be sure to encourage everyone to describe what they like and dislike about each salt, and perhaps even give each guest a notecard and pen to keep track of their favorites.

At the end of the Tasting, reveal which salt is which (our Salt Tasting Collection includes a hidden I.D. Card so that even you, the host, can be surprised.)

It's easy to turn your Salt Tasting into a full meal by adding a simple salad of baby greens and a grilled meat or fish item (all great with salt!). Even add a wine or two, if you like.

For conversation starters, share some Salt Trivia that we have provided for you on our site. It's a fun way to learn more about this simple substance that adds flavor to every day life. You can even make it a game to see what your guests already know about salt.

That's it! Enjoy.

- Melinda Walters, The Salt Lady


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